About Us

In 2020, the world endured a global pandemic and as a result, many people were locked down in their homes. We tried to find creative ways to keep busy as well as stay connected with loved ones. It was through this desire of wanting to bring multi-generations of friends and family together, Filmi Trivia was born.

Every Friday night, Filmi Trivia's founder, Sami, would host a virtual trivia night to stay connected to some of the women in her life. They called it "Ladies Night: Bollywood Trivia" and it was something they all looked forward to every week. Sami loved trivia and would come with unique questions and categories all week and then on Friday nights siblings, friends and aunts would gather together to compete and have fun during difficult times. 

They had so much fun that Sami stopped and thought, why have we never done this before? Growing up with immigrant parents in the 90s, watching Bollywood movies was a family activity. South Asian grocery stores would carry the latest cassette tapes with the best songs and VHS copies of the latest movies. For so many South Asians living abroad, this was a common lived experience. After doing some research, the answer was clear, no such game existed.

With the help of her best friend and husband, Sami decided to turn her Friday night virtual trivia nights into an experience that could be enjoyed by Bollywood movie watchers around the world. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Filmi Trivia went live for retail sales in November 2022. 

Filmi Trivia is more than a card game, it is a love letter to our childhoods growing up in the diaspora; it's a fun, multi-generational experience that takes family game nights to a new level; and it brings cultural needs to the forefront while diversifying the gaming industry.

Our team has expanded and with the creative and marketing geniuses, Kiran and Gagan Sandhu, Filmi Trivia has grown into a brand. From the card game itself to live trivia events, we hope to add something filmi to your life.